About Lokveeraj

``Our progress is fostered by our sound approach of collaborating with clients, our methodology of rendering the conspicuous services, and our deep comprehension of the market.``

Lokveeraj Consultancy Private Limited is a consulting and IT outsourcing firm working on a variety of verticals pertaining to Contract Staffing, Consultancy Services and Human Resource Staffing. With experts at its disposal, Lokveeraj endeavours to entirely transform the staffing and consulting industry and align it towards the customer’s business success.

  • Business, Strategic and Succession Consulting
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Executive Recruitment and Leadership hiring
  • Contract Staffing, IT Development & QA Services

Years Experience in Consulting.

Lokveeraj Core Values

Our Core Values

Experts at Lokveeraj recognise the importance of devotion towards the client’s success and dedication towards making the aforementioned aspect possible. For facilitating and promoting this exact mindset, Lokveeraj works in favour of the following values which not only scale our and client’s opportunities but also changes the nature of conventional dealing.

  1. Integrity: We sustain both internal and external integrity for building a fair and positive environment, thus, leaving no room for irresponsible, distrustful and dubious behaviour.
  2. Customer Success: We ensure that we achieve the objective constraints specified by the customers and use our services to garner mutually beneficial outcomes.
  3. Selflessness: We believe that there’s nothing better than espousing the customers’ requirement and working in favour of their project’s betterment.
  4. Passion: We saturate our work methods with intense enthusiasm in order to do justice to the interests of the customers as well as other operating identities.

Our Vision

Become global leader in Consulting and IT outsourcing services to solve our customer’s most demanding challenges. We deliver ground-breaking solutions through the effort of industry-wide experience people and dedicated to our customer’s eminent business success.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer “Conspicuous Services for our customer’s eminent business Success” in a wide range of consulting and IT outsourcing services by leveraging the key resources in industry-wide experience, profound technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio with simple pricing structure.

Our Culture

Lokveeraj is a combination of objectivity, respect, empathy, realism and strength. We believe in nourishing the organisation with the help of competent people and the associated working relationships. In addition to that, it is our motive to develop an environment, which runs on the pillars of loyalty, radical truth, integrity, innovation, perpetual-transition and transparency. For this exact reason, we are continually able to satisfy the interests of our customers. 

Lokveeraj History

Lokveeraj History

2019 – 2020

Lokveeraj Tech Solution incorporated in Sweden, Stockholm as Europe operating office.

2018 – 2019

Lokveeraj consultancy private Limited, Bangalore, India. Incorporated in the year 2018 provides consulting and IT services globally.

We are aimed to develop in offering ground-breaking solutions to our clients in a wide range of consulting and IT services like application development and maintenance, autonomous testing services by leverage the key resources in industry-wide experience, profound technology expertise and comprehensive portfolio with simple pricing structure.


Why Choose us

At Lokveeraj, we highly-value sound collaboration with the clients and consequently look towards establishing faithful relationships. We believe in the betterment of our client’s business and therefore, undividedly commit ourselves in favour of achieving both short- and long-term objectives.

Besides, our industry-wide experience and expertise concerning diverse technologies encourage appropriate IT outsourcing, predominantly in India and Europe. In addition to that, our conspicuous services foster scalable talent management and that too at reasonable pricing.


Executive Recruitment

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Leadership hiring

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Permanent staffing

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Contract Staffing

The world is moving towards contract staffing. What are you waiting for?